InfoFinderPro 1.0

InfoFinderPro - Your Personal 'Answer/Content-Machine'!
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Hodgkinson Publishing Ltd

InfoFinderPro - Your Personal 'Answer/Content-Machine'!


- Gives you one-click access to some of the most powerful search technologies on the planet, including specialized search engines that go way beyond what Google, Yahoo, and MSN can do
- Exposes advanced search capabilities that many search engines offer, but most people don't even know exist - and let's you easily tap their power to find exactly what you're looking for
- Increases the quality of content you find online - guaranteed!
- Is easy to use due to its unique, professionally-designed, intuitive interface - no clutter, bloat, or clumsy dialog boxes
- Saves you time - potentially hours a week, depending on how much you use it
- Gives you the edge in finding practically any kind of content you want on practically any subject you can imagine
- Makes searching online an absolute blast! You never realized what amazing discoveries exist online for free

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